Helping males of all ages establish and develop essential life skills needed in life in efforts of achieving success”

What does a “man” look and act like?

Many males, of all ages do not know the answer to this question, because many have not had the opportunity of being in the presence of a “man”.  As males grow up most believe that once they hit a certain age, or achieve a certain status, that this is what makes them a “man”.  Like anything else in life unless you have witnessed the actions, or been under the instruction of a “man” then it is almost impossible to know, what a “man” looks or acts like.

“Men On Point” has taken on the challenge of working to be that example that males of all ages need in efforts of growing up to be a “man”.  In communities and families across the world, there is a need for the positive influence of a “man” for a number of reasons.  Not only as a provider and protector but also as a leader that will lead in all aspects of life, by setting positive examples for all to follow. 


“Men On Point”, started on June 1, 2006 with the mission to aid in the development of  “men” from all lifestyles.  Under the direction of Stanley Howard, the issue of males of all ages going through life with no idea of what a “man” looks or acts like was not acceptable.  “Men On Point” over the last seven years has held weekly mentoring sessions for males of all ages with one goal in mind, “helping men to be better men!”

In 2013, “Men On Point” received its official tax-exempt certification from the IRS with the status of a 501(C)3 organization.

“Men On Point” is poised to continue its efforts in the community on a larger level then ever before!